Quick silicone help before I begin molding


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Hello everyone! My resin just arrived in the mail and before I make my mold, I need silicone! SO!

I was wondering if you can water down or use something else to make the silicone a little more runny. NOTE: I am using 100% silicone used in a caulking gun then spreading it around the model gun. I am hoping there is something I can use so spreading it around is a little faster. I don't know much about silicone specific for molding, but I have seen 100% silicone used for molds (2-3 layers)



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Maybe some silicone oil would work? I remember reading silicone oil can be used to dilute it some.

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Obvious answer: simply Google "silicone thinner" to see what might come up. http://www.smooth-on.com/Silicone-Rubber-an/c2_1128_1196/index.html

Not that I'm convinced about silicone sealant as a mouldmaking agent, but my fingers are crossed for you!
Thanks, yeah I was really thinking when I posted the thread to try google:p

One molding video I followed was this,
it's different because it's a helmet, but I think it could work for a gun, plus I don't have much money left to buy silicone after the resin XD