Reach Royale - Saturday 23:30 UTC (4:30pm PST)


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I'm just gonna throw Mythic Firefight out there since it's double xp weekend.. Maybe?


Well-Known Member's Reach...OKAY FINE. :p

I don't mind doing a round until everyone else arrives, but once people show up, I'd prefer to go back to Reach.


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OK guys, I wanna do some competitive Halo 5 tonight. Similar to what we did with Halo: Reach, but this time, H5! Fun stuff!


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Competitive? Like Halo 5 Arena? If yes, what time exactly?
5 PM PST; so in 4 and a half hours (ish). When I say competitive, I mean we'll be playing Custom Games as a group, but with HCS and default maps in CTF and Slayer modes. Each team will be separated into its own party to induce more competitive team play. If we have an odd number of people, we'll probably do FFA or something like that. Mostly just stuff to help us become better players. If it doesn't work out, we'll just do some matchmaking.

Feel free to join! We do this every Saturday (and also Monday) and we're always looking for more people! Everyone is welcome! :)


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lol, well, tonight I want to break away from Reach again and play some Halo 5. Tonight is Double XP weekend for Mythic Shotty Snipers, SWAT, and Warzone; so I wanted to jump in on that action.

Also, next Sunday is an official Microsoft FFA Halo tournament that I wanted to attend. So...I would like to practice a round or two of Custom FFA. Afterwards, we'll just vote on who wants to do what, I guess. :)

Besides, I finally bought a new Mic, so I can actually speak now. lol.
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Tonight for game night, I've got some exciting stuff planned. Stuff like Halo Reach, Halo 3, Halo 2, and Halo CE Forge remakes designed for Halo 5's sandbox. A few are also fan-made original maps which are really clever and look fantastic. Maps include:

Halo Reach
-The Cage

Halo 3
-The Pit
-Ghost town
-Crater (from Halo 3: ODST)
-High Guard

Halo 2
-Warlock (also from Halo CE)

Halo: CE
-Chill Out
-Battle Creek

Fan-Made Originals
-Banished Camp
-Camp Tartarus

So yeah, a lot of stuff. I know this is a ton, so it will surely be spread out between the weeks. I just figured this would be a fun and interesting thing to do as a group rather than just playing Matchmaking. Just know that none of these are made by myself. They are made by the awesome Halo 5 community, who were so awesome to share these maps for other people to enjoy and relive the old days of Halo.

See you all later!