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Recon Helmet - 3d printed

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Dirtsen, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. Dirtsen

    Dirtsen Member

    Hey guys,
    I am not exactly "new" here. I signed up quite some time ago and got into prop building because of Halo to begin with. I ended up doing some Iron Man builds but I was always itching to do some Halo stuff. My first one was the Halo 4 Soldier Helmet that I gave to a Buddy to finish because I ad absolutely too much on my workbench. After a while I got into 3d modelling and 3d printing and I ran into JTMs model of the Halo 4 Recon Helmet. I got the file from him a while ago and was off and on working on it myself. I added some more Detail and made the Visor and the back/neck detachable. My plan is to mold them separately to have a clear Visor and a rubberneck/lip to just slide the helmet on and have a tight fit. Here are some Pictures of what I have:


    My reference for the changes was this:
  2. Termhn


    Looks excellent! I'm looking to do this for my project for the Prefect helmet.
  3. Dirtsen

    Dirtsen Member

    Thanks man, I've seen it done before. I'm researching some clear resin to make the visor.
  4. dodgerfan2226

    dodgerfan2226 New Member

    It looks great but do you have a large enough 3d printer or are you going to print it in parts? (Sorry if this is a stupid question, I just want to know because it seems like a god idea to 3d print it).
  5. Dirtsen

    Dirtsen Member

    That is not a stupid question. Actually the more cuts you have the more work it is to finish it later. I have a pretty big build plate so i should be able to print it without having to cut too many times.
  6. dodgerfan2226

    dodgerfan2226 New Member

    Well that's cool. Good luck and I cant wait for pictures!
  7. WandererTJ


    What printer are you using?

    I've been trying to hold out for a printer that can't print larger than the standard 10x10x12" volume, and I almost bought a Glacier Summit, but their return policy as horrible for something that costs $4K.
  8. spartan 060

    spartan 060

    if you could give me a shot of the top of the recon helmet it would be amazing and helpful for me.
    seriously I'm begging anyone that has the ability please take a picture from the top of a recon helmet.
  9. Dirtsen

    Dirtsen Member

    I am using the Ultimaker 2 for this project. The build plate is huge but i still need to do some cuts.
  10. Legorenegade

    Legorenegade New Member

    Would it be possible to get this file for 3d printing myself?
  11. Chernobyl


    Hey there, and welcome to the forums! A little tip for etiquette: if a thread hasn't been active in three or more months, please reconsider posting it it unless the post actually contributes to the thread at hand (for example, reporting broken links).

    Otherwise: I doubt the file will be available, I'm afraid.
    CommanderPalmer likes this.
  12. peterthethinker


    Good news ! \
    I did a recon 3D print for Roxas s Embers for ECCC this year . Derrick did the Cad magic and I just printed it .
    I would get in contact with her and derrick .
  13. philmac

    philmac New Member

    are you going to share the files for free

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