Regiment poll - should NSW Squadron have a booth at Sydney Supanova?

Would you be interested in helping support/fund a booth for Sydney Supanova 2018?

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Sierra 107

405th Regiment Officer
Good evening all,

There have been a few discussions lately as to whether we should have an official presence at Sydney Supanova this year. Our first official presence (booth) at any convention began at RTXAU 2016, and we have not had one since. I would like to ask our members, if they would be interested in helping manage and operate a 405th booth at SydNova.

Please be advised - this would likely be funded by Squadron/Regiment members only, and would be a booth no larger than 3m x 6m. Additionally, we would need assistance from community members in displaying props and costume related materials at this booth.

Please leave your thoughts below, or by interacting with the poll. Thanks all!


New Member
Really hyped for this to go ahead! if it wasn't for the rtx booth I probably wouldn't have joined up, really want to pay it forward so to speak.