Requesting A Pepakura Model

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A Modified MC an ODST for us ODSTS. I'm going to print one then Bondo it.
Get me a good 3d model of it and It can be done...
And I'll try to remeber to make it letter sized paper this time..:)
Well, Paperkura takes a 3d model and makes it into a series of 2d templates. so we need a 3d model.
Not sure how I could do that...I'm not very 3d-texturing-modeling savvy. Now requesting that...a 3d ODST Helmet model. And Pepakura is being annoying to me so I will probally attempt like...something I understand how it works.
S'OK. I might have a model coming. Once, or If I get it.. I can rip the model down to a template series for you.
i just figured sumtin out, i can download google warhouse and open google warhouse objects but sice pep wont open those i can export the objects into google earth format and pep will open that, so i can see wat i can do, if my theory works that is

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