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hey guys.. i recently fiberglassed a battle rifle i made and the problem was that the liquid hardener would come out of the tube because the hp;e was small :verymad: so i fiberglassed it anyway to not make the liquid go to waste.. its driyng right now and i need to ask? will the fiberglass still work without the hardener? i mean is it just to make everything go quicker? :eye:
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If you put any hardener into it, it should dry, just really slowly. If you didn't then your stuck with a sticky BR.

Heh heh... hoo... heh...

Bad luck though.
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the good news is.. i put another layer of fiberglass with hardner on it.. i went and bought some that works.. the bad news is that i used most of my resin and now i dont have enough for my smgs
actually it would dry... eventually. Like a year kind of eventually. the chemicals in the resin are reacting already, just very slowly. the hardener is only a catalyst which lowers the amount of energy required to initiate the reaction. just adding some hardener to it anywhere, like the new layer you added, should considerably reduce the set time.

Yay for 5's on AP Chem exams!
well oddly enough hardner also helps spray paint dry...wierd JUST DONT DO IT WHEN THE PAINT IS ALMOST DRY... IT WILL EAT THROUGH IT :$ops:
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