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i need to know what to start on im done with my pepakura part so i need a idea where to start on and if i need something in it to make it keep its shape or any other things sorry if this is on the faq but i couldnt find it there
What exactly are you trying to do at this point? The reason I ask is that everybody's got their own idea as to what constitutes "done with my pepakura." So if you could let us know the stage your at, maybe we could be more helpful.
i have finished making all the armor parts using card stock and pepakura that may help u and i have fiber glass resin a few brushes and spray paint and liquid hardener
Yes fiberglass cloth is needed, it becomes the skeleton of the peice and gives it super strength, resin itself is strong, but still flimsy with some force, fiberglass will fix that, if you skimp on this armor project it wont come out like you think it will. I've seen too many people complain about something because they skimped on price or materials, or even patience.
ok......... i should have gotten it at the store yesterday becuase i didnt know i needed the fiber glass cloth but what can i do for now with just fiber glass resin and all the other stuff i said

also it just said on the description of the fiber glass that it will patch up holes and thats about it.....
You'll need to apply the resin to the outside of your pieces so they don't collapse during fiberglassing, so you can proceed with that step while you wait for the next store run. Just mix the hardener with the resin (the containers will describe the ratios) and brush on the outside of your armor.

- Don't mix all of your resin at once. Only use what you can brush on in 5-10 minutes. Otherwise, you'll end up with a block of resin.
- Use disposable or cheap brushes. Resin isn't something you can rinse off under the hose. When the brush is a brick, time to toss it and grab another.
- Line your mixing container with aluminum foil. It can be easily discarded between batches.
- Wear gloves. Resin is sticky!
- Work in a well-ventilated area and wear a respirator. You may not think you need one now, but you'll be kicking yourself when you get cancer later.
- Have something to prop up your pieces while they dry (unwound wire coat hangers work great).

Fiberglass cloth: at the local Lowe's here, they sell it in 3' x 3' sheets. I used about 3 or 4 of those packages to fiberglass my armor. Some people also use the fiberglass tape. I didn't, so I can't tell you how good (or cost-effective) it is.
hmm ill try 1 piece without fiber glass resin and see how it holds up if it doesnt hold good ill add some fiber glass cloth
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