RXO and RMO Applications


Executive Officer & RCO
Division Staff
405th Regiment Officer
Lauren, Lazkin , has faithfully served this Regiment as Regimental Membership Officer since the Regiment's Inception, and for the past year has served double duty as it's Regimental Executive Officer. Lauren has found herself with less time to dedicate to her duties in these two roles, and will be stepping down from both. Words can not fully express the thanks I have for her for dedication to this Regiment and the 405th, and I am saddened to see her go, but I thank her again.

As such, I will be looking for Volunteers to fill these positions. Lauren will have a hand in selecting her replacement(s), so if you are interested in volunteering for either position please post here, and the two of us will follow up with you.

We will be accepting volunteers for a few weeks before we close applications.

Duties of the Regimental Executive Officer (RXO):

- Performs duties as assigned by the RCO.

- Assumes leadership of the Regiment in the absence of the RCO.

- Support the RCO and work with the Regimental Command Staff to provide a clear direction for the Regiment.

- Serve as a back up representative to Division Discord meetings.

- Field any member concerns and work with RCO and Division Command Staff to address and rectify them.

-Act in conjunction with the RCO to serve as an Admin for the Facebook Page and Closed Facebook group.

Duties of Regimental Membership Officer (RMO)

- Responsible for reviewing official member costume compliance

- Oversees Regiment member information

- Monitor the Regimental Membership Request thread:
Regiment membership - please all read

When a member posts requesting to join the RMO’s Regiment, the RMO is responsible for checking that the member meets the requirements for Regimental Membership, 50 posts and 90 days registered, and that they reside within the Regiment’s boundaries. If the requester meets the Requirements the RMO is then responsible for posting the corresponding thread in the Regimental Command Staff section of the boards informing Division Command Staff that the member may be added.

-Because one of their primary duties is to monitor the Regimental Membership Request thread, an RMO must be committed to checking in on the Forums at least once a week. Ideally more often.

-Be available to advise members of the Deployment process and offer feedback on the build before a member submits a deployment application if the member requests it.

-Act in conjunction with the RCO to serve as an Admin for the Facebook Page and Closed Facebook group.

Special Considerations for all Command Staff Position:

-As a leader in your Regiment, you will be held to an extra level of scrutiny than most members. Your words and your actions will carry extra weight as members look to you as an example of how to behave and interact with other members. It is important to be mindful of not only what you say and do, but how you say or do it.

Special Considerations for the RXO position:

-Must be able to log in an check the Forum on a consistent basis in order to stay current on Division and Regimental happenings in order to advise the RCO or to draw their attention to matter, issue, or question.

-Must be able to work with the RCO to present a public “United Front.” You and your RCO might not agree on every issue, but providing a consistent message to the membership at large is key to the smooth running of any organizations.

Special considerations for the RMO position:

-Must be able to log in and check the Forum on a frequent basis to monitor Regimental Membership Request Thread.

-Must have a working knowledge of the different Halo armor systems and sets and/or know how to find references and resources detailing more information in order to offer feed back and advice on a member’s build if they have questions before submitting an application for Deployment.

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