Safety First! (w/bondo and resin)


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Hey eveyone.
I just wanted to answer some questions and also give you an example about safety when using bondo/resin on your pieces.

Today was a cold day, and when i wore my goggles with my respirator, my goggles fogged up. I elected to save myself of the fumes and only wear the respirator

I was finishing up the structural work of my helmet with some bondo spot putty. I was in the process of trying to smooth out a spot on my helmet that was sticking up, using my plastic spreader to push it back down to place while putting some putty onto it.

I slid the spreader off of the plastic leaving just the putty on it, hoping that the putty would secure it down. Before I knew it, the plastic had broke from the rest of the helmet, straightning itself out, and catapulting globs of putty directly into both of my eyes.

As you can imagine, Spot putty doesn't feel too good in your eyes, so i quickly rushed to the eye wash cursing everything from the brand, Bondo to all putty knifes

My eyes are fine now, but I quickly learned my lesson to

Always ALWAYS wear a respirator and goggles!!

you never know what life will throw at you ;)
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Spartan-299 said:
Bondo, it would seem. :whistle:

But thanks for the warning.
I laughed pretty hard at that.

It is true though. One time life threw mass amounts of quarters at my head.

That was an experience I'll never forget.
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Keegan said:
When you say, learn from my mistake, do you mean, like your'e retarded now?

keegan r u retarded dude wtf is ur problem dnt just post ******** like that thinking your funny
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soxfanant95 said:
keegan r u retarded dude wtf is ur problem dnt just post ******** like that thinking your funny
No, his comment was quite tolerable and slightly funny.
Yours was horrible.
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lol, at least I can spell.
By the Way, y-o-u-r is your, y-o-u-r-'-e is you are, GET THEM RIGHT!