Seeking UNSC Marine and ODST pepakura files


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Just joined here, I'm hoping someone can help me find pepakura files for armor sets for UNSC Marines and ODSTs. I've snooped around the net for a bit and only have found dead links on 4shared. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


If you search through the armory you can find ODST or Marine armor files from different games. AndrewDFT also has templates and tutorials for both marines and ODSTs


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It will also help if we know which game's Marines and ODSTs you are looking for.

Halo 1 Marines?

Halo 2 Marines?

Halo 2 ODSTS?

Halo 3 Marines?

Halo 3 ODSTS?

Halo Reach Army Troopers/Marines?

Halo Reach ODSTs?