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It's been awhile. I had to take a break from this to focus on a work project that used most of my mental energy every day. Thoroughly enjoyed the project, but spending 8hrs a day working in some of the deepest parts of a programming language and debating API design for consumers of a library takes a lot of energy.

Recently got back to it and tested out some implementations for reading heart rate and step count for Android users. iOS has had the code to do this done for awhile now, and I need to get it implemented on Android. Originally I had planned to use Google Fit, but after trying it out determined it won't be the best solution for various reasons. Put out a question in the Discord and, based on the answers there, decided to attempt to pull data from Fitbit and Samsung Health for now. Depending on the success of polling data from them and requests for support I may add others as time goes on. iOS still has HealthKit support, and I plan to add Fitbit as an option there as well. Have some vacation time to burn through the rest of the year, so hopefully I can put some time in each day to continue working on this.
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