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Sarge Christi

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I've just now figured out that my high school team is a semi-pro team.
Before you take this as a flame worthy statement, let me explain.
Singapore is a bit different as far as school sports go then programs in the US.

My high school plays club teams and our league is depedent apon our school's ability shown over the years.
Well, for the past few years, we had been winning this league (give or take a year or two when we goofed off).

So, our coach decided to move us up a league.
The league he moved us up to is actually a semi-pro league.
We're one step down from professional level teams.
The majority of women we play are 20-45 years of age, which is older than everyone on our team.
Crazy as it may sound, we actually held our own in the league.
Ok, so we got 4th, but that's not bad considering we're younger and less expierenced than the women we're playing.

I just thought I'd share it because I thought it was so darn cool!

Thanks to SEAN:

Sean Bradley said:
You didn't say what sport you were playing, just that you're semi-pro!

I can imagine Soccer, or Football for them.
Pretty sweet though! 4th place is pretty darned good in aleage of more experienced players :D

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Oh Sean, you goober.

Fine, i play soccer. I shall edit the first to say such.
Thanks for reminding me.
I would love to get a gaming club or team at Northwest<the 3rd biggest school in mo if im correct>. I mean that would be totally awesome, i tried getting a paint ball team going but to no avail, it wasn't sponsored by the missionaries school guidances or sumthing.
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