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well considering the unsc got the shields for the mjolnir from the covenant they are made from the same thing. or at least I'm pretty sure thats how the UNSC got it
Well being that it's kind of a fantasy technology it could be anything...'sunshine and farts' for all anybody knows. :mrgreen:

But my guess is that sometime in the future mankind might learn to control plasma and integrate it into their technology in remarkable ways. Or it might be an electrical field that disintegrates anything that enters it..

But really we're taking about science fiction at this point... Set Phasers on stun!
darn right its science fiction i was discussing this with my friend and we figured it could be some electromagnetic field or something but were not scientists or anything so we do not know but i suppose someone will prolly invent something like it in the future.
An electro magnetic field? That would do little more that have paper clips stick to you and mess with the internal computer of the suit. It's an energy shield, originally used by the Covanent, then stolen and modified by the UNSC.
you're a jerk. i was going along the lines of something like an electromagnetic field as in "some electromagnetic field or something" i wasnt completely serious.
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