Sithslayer's Odst Wip


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You have made a huge jump since last update. Your build looks sweet. I am loving all the tech you put into the helmet. What were you planing to use as a display for the night vision?
I'm using the same thing as hopefully in my sniper rifle, the cut down and converted headset from a Spygear ATV 360. But, I need more funds to supply that so...


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Well, here came and went Haloween. I've been working on this project for a bit over a year now, and It is finally complete. So, heres the rest of my ODST.

UA/NxRA thighs made from foam and cloth:

I decided to go with Halo Reach Shins as well. They're Wilson shin guards with Foam built around them.




I replaced the Chest straps with cloth-ed foam as well.

Now I suddenly had an Idea: I thought: "How the feth am I gonna stay cool in this suit?!?!" So, after long thought...I had nothing. So that weekend was homecoming at our high school. While dancing (and also getting really hot) I had a sudden realization :O The bottle of water that the freakin school made us by was keeping my pocket cool! I immediately thought of the episode of The Office where Dwight had a CAmelbak, and I decided to adapt the technique to Armor. It worked fantastically, keeping me cool and hydrated throughout the debut of my armor which I will discuss later. Here are pictures!



So on the night of Haloween, I tested my armor in the HARSHEST condition possible for any complex costume: A "Rave". Essentially, I Jumped, shouted, and ran around in a hot and sweaty basement for literally 4 hours straight. Not only did the water bladder keep me cold, but the armor suffered very little damage. I was extremely mobile in the new legs, and was very comfortable overall.
Before Rav3:

After Rav3:

really nice armor man:)
wow cool ! good job
Thanks a lot!

So, after a year of work, I finally have a full costume that I am proud of.
To anyone wondering, this suit cost overall about 300-500 dollars to make, including electronics for the helmet, and soft armor parts.
So, to everybody here on the Forums: Thank You.
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wow this is awesome i like the picture that shows the inside of the helmet its the first thread i found that has done that and i've wondered how others have padded their helmets this is a great help thanks, keep up the great work man


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word of advice. if no posts have been made for over 3 months it means that thread's pretty much dead and only a mod or OP should bring it back. always look at the last post date