So Halo 3 is out, but Im sad?

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Well i don't know why but when Halo 3 came out i just suddenly turned sad. Well yes its the best game ever but in 2 or 3 years there will be no more Halo. The most anticipated game ever finally released but will get boring sometime right? Remember halo 2, man i still miss it, yes im getting halo 3 tomorrow. Does this mean these boards will close i mean no more halo. Halo wars is coming up but it really doesnt count as a halo game i mean it has no storyplot besides you controlling a unsc army. Is anybody feeling like me?

-Leadingspartan(how i feel about halo 3= :lol: How i feel for the forums and no more halo=:mad: )

Im sure my opinion will change when i acually get halo 3 early tomorrow morning. and play forge for the chest of the time before i go to school then after i play with christi and theblue =]

Edit: Doesnt matter anymore i got halo 3 spoiled to me on bungie trying to help the mods -.-.

Anyway please consider a moment to remember the real war going on right now, in the middle east, Iraq. Support our troops please my dad died in the war and today im celebrating it (in a sad way) by playing halo 3 with the halo
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GruntOfAction said:
I got the first copy from our walmart by waiting 4 hours :p lol.
lucky but you didnt get the game spoiled stupid 10 year old from bungie who won the potiac contest -.-/
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Nothing can spoil Halo 3...

even if you know the ending, you aren't going to appreciate it until you see it happen, and how it happens.
Thanks Sean i just am about to get my copy of halo 3 im very exited but right after i get it SCHOOL. Im just gonna yell out some ending i made up to them =] thank god that ending wasnt real. Stupid bungie kid scared the crap out of me.
i got grounded >< atleast you get to play it... i wanna 360!!! plus my brother in law has it o_O i'll ask him how long it took him. but ya..
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