So hows the new map pack

Hows the new map pack?

  • Its awesome

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  • meh, i was kinda expecting more

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  • I dont like them

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I havent had a chance too play any matchmaking on them , but I did get too run through them this morning . I love the setting of highlands. It gives you a Halo CE feeling of sorts. Open, human but yet a bit alien . I love how the covie are glassing as you play!

As for condemed -
It gave me a feeling of sorrow . Seeing the planet fully glassed and dead. It feels a bit......spooky lol

and since I havent played the firefight map, I cant tell you yet! Overall, the maps give you many feelings of emotion (if you are a halo fan) and give you that undescribeable feeling that halo has given many peopl (you know what im talking about!)
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