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Hey everyone, as many of you may or may not know i have been struggling with my weight issue for the passed few years. I have been trying all sorts of things to help loose weight & keep it off until i can have safe surgery to fix my stomach & eating habits. I am also going through a hefty time of being disabled to the point where i can not work due to my ability of being obese, with many joint & back problems that associate with being an over weight person. I do take the fact i have an eating disorder & unbalanced eating habit. I thought i would bring this up to let everyone know how my life has been since. So i am going to go through it all so you all can get an idea more about me, cause i consider you all family & i think you guys should know.

I was formally in the Rebel Legion/501st before joining the 405th many moons ago. I was bullied in both those groups because of my weight & not being able to go to cons or activities due to that or legion charity events. So i left it behind. I have since lost 2 family members in those years my Mom who was 43 & my gram who was 80. I have been living on my own since 2012. I enjoyed my time being in the 405th & my last con appearance was Scifi Valley Con which was a blast & it was great to meet my fellow regiment members. I have hosted many Halo nights on Xbox with people & skype/google hangouts building suites of armor.

I took a long break from the 405th & contemplating on what i should be doing but it turns out everyone was missing me from the 405th so i had to do something drastic to get back to my family. So i decided to do a 40 day water fasting in which i only lasted 4 days & glade i did because it reset my eating habit and my taste for certain foods was gone & i could start over. Since then i have lost a total of 30 lbs since last Thursday. I was nearing 501 at some point but i have managed to stay out of the 500s and hope i can continue with going down that way i can have a safe surgery down to correct my stomach & my future life.

Even with my disabilities whether being physical or mental i always try to do my very best in showing & giving support to the 405th whether it being in or out of costume. At events or cons. I may no disclose my issues with many people but if it comes to it i let them know. I enjoy being the funny silly spartan that may camp on a chair in costume so my back doesn't go out but at least i am enjoying my time. Everyone should be able to enjoy this great community & what it has to offer. We all love Halo & very grateful that 343 & Microsoft allow us to continue to enjoy making & designing such amazing things.

I am currently going through the process of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy because i can not seem to get out of debt & back on my feet. My rent is covered, electricity is covered. As for car insurance, car registration, cell phone, internet, clothing, & supplies that is not being covered & i am struggling at the moment. I am on a 18 month wait for SSI Benefits. I have a pro bono lawyer helping me with my SSI case. I am currently pending on Cash Assistants with DTA ( Welfare ) But i am still in good spirits. So i am hoping that something turns up soon so i am able to do things & get back on track. I know this many be a little personal but i just wanted to let you all know where i am in life.

I will still be doing everything in my power to do the right thing in the end. I will continue to help & support my fellow 405th members & staff any way i can. Continue to host Halo game nights & live building sessions. I do hope to get back into costume building soon. If anyone wants to discuss anything feel free to reach out. Love you all.


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Hope you can get back on your feet soon. Once you recover I hope to see you at some cons.
Good luck, and remember no matter the position you are in never lose hope and you'll be able to recover from it eventually.
Agreed with this! and remember its discipline, not motivation that gets you where you want to go. Motivation gets you on the road but discipline keeps you going, and that is really the hard part.


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*hold my beer* Listen to me man, words are just words and as much as we want to tell others encouraging things, they often go on deaf ears. There is nothing I, or anyone here will say that can truly change your situation. There must be DO! And only DOING can change what you are going through. My twin battled drug addiction for 9 years. I can’t tell you how many times we almost lost him. Somewhere, deep down Inside of him, a seed so minuscule..he rose out of it. The guy went through rehab, got a job, his own place, lost 50 pounds and got more fit then most fitness models! I had his back every step of the way, but the truth was? It was himself and only himself that could change his situation. I have had my personal training certification since i was 17, and run the fitness program for my fire department. - when you’re ready Jeff, and only when you’re ready. I can give you the step by step to shake this weight, but you have to want it brother, you’ve got to find that seed my brother found. You’ll be a better man for it. - Life’s a crazy adventure man, I can see you’re going through some rough times. But I was taught you don’t ever leave a brother behind. If you want to change your life physically, you’ve got to start mentally. And f you want to change your life mentally, you have to start physically. It’s a long road my dude, but if you’re ready to lose this effing weight, I got you.


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Show of solidarity: I also would like to get back in to shape (knee injury stopped me for a long time) and would be honored to join up with anyone and everyone in the Colonial Reg (or anywhere else as well) that wishes to do so. We can track our progress.....or better yet.....our regress in weight.....give advise and cheer each other on. Hell...I might even do a video......or before and after pictures.

ObiJ3ff, I whole hardly agree w/ DefineLuck. This must come from within. Just know that you have people in your corner. People that will be there to back you up. People to help you to help yourself and push yourself to succeed. Jeff, I would love to skype/Discord w/ you on building techniques......especially sizing of helmets which I suuuuucccccckkkkkkk at. appears that you are our resident certified trainer.....what's first on the agenda that "WE" need to focus on?

Now, who's up for the challenge........


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ObiJ3ff We have your back. We will support you in any way that we can.
As for health issues, Kusak and myself understand. He had nearly hit the 400# mark. He has lost over 30 # nearly 40 since the top of the year. He has to go in for hip replacement surgery yet this year.

I have managed to lose over 20#s myself.

You are more than welcome to come to any con, any event, no matter what your size, of physical shape is.

Perhaps we as colonial can come together and do a general accountability of where our progress is and going to. And us all encourage each other.


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You need to chat or anything Obi just hit me up buddy. We all stand behind you because we are like family and never forget that. I'm happy to hear you are working on getting better for yourself man. Just keep going!