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I am working on a circuit board that will have all kinds of sound effects for Halo. It will have the use of pushbuttons that will emit any kind of sound effects like gun sounds, etc. Anyone have any ideas on what else I can add to this board to make it perfect for halo?
i would like to mount the speakers in the upper shoulder pack. that'd be rockin.
Adam said:
i would like to mount the speakers in the upper shoulder pack. that'd be rockin.


Hooked to a nano with h1, h2v1, h2h2, and h3 sountracks. also have cortana and chief phrases. I can control everything via a control on my forearm.
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Comm board

the unit will also allow you to talk through it and will distort your voice. you can do the sounds either randomly at specified time intervals or sequentially. The gun sounds are also set like a real gun, the second you hit the button the sound effect kicks on, and if you hold it down you get fully automatic fire. anyone have these sounds you are talking about? The link above is not letting me in...
Get some dialouge from Halo.Bungie.Org. You should get the "Blue Team has the Flag" and "Game Over" etc... noises from the announcer guy. That would be fun.
you should get 2 voice modulators and put em in your helmet. one of em is Cortana and the other is MC, then you could switch em off and on and argue with Cortana.
Get the Omnipresent Voice guy saying "Slayer"

Go somewhere in the armor, just stare at someone; then have it yell out "Slayer".

Or "Capture the Flag" and steal something from someone sitting somewhere. Run up to a kids birthday party and steal the pinata.
have a coupls of friends run around with you and you hit all of them, then it says "Killing Spree" in the middle of a public setting. you could mount the speakers in the intake on the shoulders
You would not need 2 boards, you can use the sequential feature to have those cyber arguments by the press of a button....I will try to upload a sound demo when its done.
i thik i got one for u, have a blue hide a flag and over the pa system "CApture The Flag" then have the reds go n hunt em down
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