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well, the title description says it all, is spackle a good alternate than bondo autobody filler? cuz i dont think they sell it here, and i wanna finish my helmet soon...spackle is like drywall stuff, do u think it'll work, and if i do use it, do i resin the whole thing again and then paint on primer and paint? im not good with this hands on stuff but its cutting out for me....

that link shows an example of someone not using pep but cardboard instead and used the spackle instead of the filler
Not really - spackle is designed to fill small holes and cracks in relatively smooth surfaces, not for anything structural. It's simultaneously soft and brittle even when dried and while it might work to smooth over tiny air bubbles left in a cast piece, that would be about it. I'd try digging a little deeper for some actual Bondo or autobody filler...

Good Luck!
I never actually use spackle, well second thought to fill up large holes on drywall board.. I'm not sure how it would up to wear and tear of an armor.. Body filler (common brand bondo) is use on autobody repair.. If you don't have no local autopart store, try calling a local body shop in your area and find out where they get their body filler. Also, check the internet, ebay, or somewhere in your area.. You would save the headache later if the drywall does not hold up to your expectations. I tell you, wearing your armor.. You will get cracks, scratches, and other issues.. Goodluck! :)
Spackle is for cracks in the wall, spackle will spackle everywhere if you drop or hit the will not withstand damaging
unless you apply it in really small places and then resin over it..

then it will just as strong as Bondo.

Spackle is also easier to sand then bondo o_O
rock, that wat i meant, if it doesnt hold up as well as bondo, could i just resin overtop of it?
btw, the helmets finished drying...but it hurts like hell, too small, but i
im using Spackle and it feels fine....

i mean i know its soft and such ( i can make a fingernail mark) but its easily sandable.

just resin a layer over it and u'll be good to go! :D

P.S. next time you spackle, make sure you make it "smoothish" or else when you sand, there will be little air pockets and u'll have to spackle over those spots! (lol... that what spackle is for! :D)
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