Spartan 405's Pep Helmet in Progress.

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New Update!!! 12-15-07

New update for tonight. Its kinda old now but I added some more bondo to some areas that were recessed that werent supposed to be. This is getting really satisfying. The right side of the helmet had recessed down a little bit and with some more bondo body filler, it will really come back into shape. Also up are pictures of my newly made boba fett helmet. It uses plans I found on TDH.

With the amount of work I have made for myself on my MC helmet I really have about 50% more to go. I have to detail with bondo most of the time, then SAND SAND SAND, Fill in any dents or imperfections, then Sand again, mold and paint. Trust me guys this will look good in the end. I know it looks horrible right now.




You can see that the back/ bottom part is a little bit deformed but with more bondo in that area it will look like nothing has happened to it.

Details to come tomorow after I come home from fishing.

Here is my mando helmet



All my helmets still have alot more work to do. But im guessing they will be done by my birthday next month (Jan 5)

And some photoshop fun
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it looks great, try to borrow someones digital camera and take some clearer pics. it looks like a cam phone pic eh?
but still, it looks great.
Actually its an 8 mp digital camera. I took the photo behind a glass door because I didnt want to open it to let the smell of the resin inside.
Looks good, just looking at the picture you posted it looks like there is a dent above the visor area on the top of the helm. Aside that hope to see it finished.
Deformed? Like if a plasma grenade had exploded on your head or just a little bit? ^^

And I can see another helmet behind!
LastSpartan said:
Deformed? Like if a plasma grenade had exploded on your head or just a little bit? ^^

And I can see another helmet behind!
what the hell are you talking about it looks great
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Yes the one behind this one is the deformed one. Also the one in front has no dent on top of it. The picture just made it look like that.
wow! it realy took 12hrs? im workin on it atm but not full time so i havnt been keeping track of the time it takes. (also i got contact harvist on friday so i got distracted by that for sum of the weekend).

looks great bdw.
Good job with the fiberglass.

Mine frizzed out like that a bit, but nothing a few clips with hedge trimmers that won't fix it.
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