Spartan Helmet

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Hi everyone i havent been on here in a long time i completed my first costume now im thinking about making a helmet for one of my friends
this is what im going to use:

Baseball helmet

i was wondering if you had any color recommendations or clay types even good baseball helmets thanks

P.S. What should i make visor out of and how do i shape cardboard to curve i can only make it bend straight like a L :starwars:
Well to bend the cardboard like that just make a crapload of bends until you get a curve. or you could soak it. MonsterMaker13 is my go to guy for cardboard.
you have to soak the cardboard in water and elmers glue ( not too much glue) and then bend it, and you dont make a visor you buy one at a moto store or somthing or ebay, and umm the clay you use, i forgot , ask adam or bluerealm , and show pics of you other armor if you haven talready XD.
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