SPARTAN405's Sculpts in Progress

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Update 11-10-07
I realized that I have not updated this in a little less than a month, but now I am back and with a new project. I am sculpting an M6. Pictures to follow.

I plan on molding and casting it

Update 10-27-07
Its 2:19 AM right now and I have just finished my cardboard marine helmet skeleton. I will start the bondo tomorow.

Update 10-17-07
No pictures for now but soon after I make the hand piece out of fiberglass.

Update 10-16-07

I just finished adding some stuff to the small clay sculpt.


Hey guys, well I have had this in the planning stages up until recently, but now its starting, I am making a spartan helmet! With me I always sculpt a rougher/ smaller model just so i can get all the errors out in the begining stages because once I start making the larger model I start improvising so there really is no room for error.

Alright here it is!

Did you guys fall for it? Im not making an MC spartan helmet but rather a spartan helmet from the battle of thermopylae



Alright Well I decided to change this topic to just about armor sculpts of mine.

Here is a picture of a H2 hand piece that I just finished detailing. I also realized that the circles are too big but I dont really care, I like it better this way.

Are you sculpting that to scale for human wear? Or just a little side project that is a sculpting to use as a paperweight? It looks great so far!
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