Spike Grenade 3D Print

Wayward Flood

I won the to scale spike grenade prize in the 24h Extra Life stream raffle. It was printed and shipped to me by MrJamin from CollinMcCaf's model. Now that its warm out, I finally put it together with Weld-On 16 Acrylic Cement and 2 wooden dowels. You can not place it down easily and I already broke a few spikes off. I will PLA weld on the 4 big spikes soon and then decide how I will paint it.


Wayward Flood

I feared that this was going to be a problem. (This is why I have spots for metal rods in the follow up one that I designed)
Yeah, it was always going to be a problem with a full 3d printed grenade. I found the best way to place it down is sideways on 2 boxes. The spikes can't take the pressure for long if its stood up straight.

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