Starting my Spartan

Depends on level of effort you want to put in and comfort with various skills. The usual options are black body suit, printed body suit, body suit with sports/tacti-cool padding, Eva foam and fabric, and silicon/rubber. And of course you can do a combo of these options. So I'd start with what do you want the outcome to be? Then, what do I need to be prepared to do to accomplish that? After that, find your compromises. Also keep in mind your harnessing for the armor and how that will integrate with the under suit.

For myself I'm doing an EVA foam and fabric combination because my lanky build needs the additional bulk and I can tailor make it to be more "game accurate."
Great threads to read regarding Under Suits:
Thanks for the advice Spartans! Managed to get the undersuit sorted, so I've ordered a compression top and bottoms, and then I'll be adding some foam padding to them once they arrive. Still trying to pick an armor set but I need a 3D Printer. So my question is after some looking. Would a Creality Ender 3 V3 KE be good for printing armor??
An Ender3 (in almost any of its many variants) is a great beginner printer for armor projects. Plenty of people have made full sets using nothing but one of those. However, depending on how your armor building progresses, you may find that you can quickly outgrow the Ender3 platform. It’s a relatively small build volume which makes larger parts need to be split up into multiple prints and then glued together, and it’s not as fast as some of the (still sub-$500 price point) machines out there. However, as your first machine, it’s NOT a bad choice.

I’d definitely try to get one of the variants with auto bed leveling as that’s one of the biggest things that beginners struggle with. Also, learn what a “good”, “too far”, and “too close” first layer looks like. That will save you the headache of leaving a print going and coming back to plastic spaghetti ;)

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