Strange Inconsistency in Halo.


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There's been a problem in the Halo games thats been left unchecked by both formerly Bungie and 343. The inconsistency in the games. Let's start with weapons. The DMR and M7 both use calibers that make little sense. The DMR uses a 7.62mm round, the same as the Assault Rifle. This makes it more of a carbine in terms of use. Following the general rule of caliber to field use ratio.. the DMR should use the .50 Cal round, like some of the mounted guns do. In our world we have 5mm assault rifles generally, then you move to 7.62 battle rifles, then 50. Cal weapons. In the Halo universe this would be scaled up by a factor of 1. The SMG uses a 5mm round. This is reasonable actually. It's light, efficient. However there should be a handgun to go alongside it, similar to the FN 5.7 pistol. If such a sidearm was adopted by the UNSC, yes it would be weaker. But it'd be cheaper to produce than the M6 series, and better suited to personel who are only fighting lower armored threats, like Insurrectionists. Or the weaker members of the Covenant Splinter groups or Banished, like Unngoy, Kig'Yar, Yanme'e. It could use a sabot variant of the 5mm round as well for improved velocity. That brings me to the M6 itself. The main sidearm of the UNSC and many of it's Colonies. It served Humanity well for many centuries, including the time of the Human-Covenant War. But why is there no variant of the smg that uses the 12.7mm round? I think the newly designed M20 model should be retconned to use this round, as it's stated it uses armor piercing rounds. I think this can fit well enough to it's role. And it solves a logistical problem.

Part 2: [Armor and Weapons implemented throughout the games]
- Throughout the Halo games, we've seen some weapons stick around, and become familiar with them. However, throughout the series, new weapons has appeared, out of nowhere. There was no warning, they simply came to exist. And then lore was written stating they'd been in use by the UNSC for 30 to 200 years in range. How can this be? Why did we see literally no soldier use a BR55 until Halo 2? When it was adopted by 2526 in the variant of the XBR55, and had been in progress of replacing the DMR even before Reach (the earliest period in the Halo series we get to experience). Or the M7, which we don't see in a game until Halo 2 as well(though we at least get a look at it in the novel Halo: First Strike). Or the M739 SAW, which was adopted in 2526 as well. Where's that been this whole time? 343 had the best opportunity to do a soft reboot and address these inconsistencies in MCC. They did this with the M45 shotgun to an extent by adding it to Halo CE anniversary. I don't know why it's still been left unaddressed. And this is just the Human weapons, the Covenant is a whole other side of it.

- Now we move to armor. There were armors that were introduced in Reach, yet many of them were never seen again. Like the Grenadier. The JFO, Operator. Unless you count some of them being added into Halo 5, they've been absent from the Halo universe for a decade at least. That's ten years, now why would proven helmet designs like that not be worn by Spartans in the field after that era? With news of 343 wanting to add cut content to MCC that Bungie was never able to, as well as direct new content of their own design.. I'm hoping this can be addressed. Many players cannot make their Spartan truly reflect themselves, simply because the armor they would prefer to use is not available. It's a bitter drink to swallow indeed. And with Infinite being developed, that's even more of a reason to address this issue, as a Reach style armor customization system is being implemented.