Suggestions for mounting weapons on armor

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My armor project is still in the clay sculpting phase, but this comes to mind:

Upon viewing the various videos of the H3 trailer, I would like to find a way of mounting the rifle to the back of my armor so that it can be easily attached and removed. I was hoping to figure out a way of doing this without the use of clips or straps.

Or, for that matter, being able to mount pistols to the thigh armor or grenades to the belt.

Has anyone been successful at this and wouldn't mind sharing their technique with the rest?

Many thanks. Your comments are welcomed.
magnets. strong magnets, theres been ppl who have done it here. i cant find a link at the moment. but im sure ppl will have links
If you can get your hands on an old useless computer harddrive they have 2 strong magnets inside that would hold a battlerifle to your back but might be to strong for the pistol.
I thought about the "rare earth magnets" and "used hard drive" magnets ideas.

For example, for the pistol cast, I was thinking during the casting process, insert a piece of steel where I want it to stick and add more casting material over it. For the thigh pieces, take the magnet and incorporate them in the casting process or maybe epoxy them later after the cast cures.

My concern is the prop being knocked-off the thigh armor in a crowd.

My other idea involved using Cell-phone type quick release clips. This worked well for my Darth Maul costume that held my prop saber in place. The only this is, it will have a visible clip on the pistol prop and channel groove on the thigh armor.

Would anyone mind sharing photos of how they mount weapons on their armor? The BR and pistols in particular.

Thanks for sharing and your comments.
I was wondering the exact same thing, but since i have like 16 computers in my house and is really poor (lol budget of $10.00) ill use the harddrives any idea where in the hardrive?
They are spaced between the platters, and last one I took apart had 4. I don't think they would be strong enough to hold a rifle, probably would work okay with a pistol.
You can find some good (and probably strong) Neodymium magnets for sale on Ebay for a small amount of money. My problem has been finding a small quantity for a small amount, not 30 for $9 + S&H.
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