Foam T3-ish Halo Reach Commando

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Hello all, decided to knockout a Halo Reach armor build since I already have a helmet or two, make that three, helmets are easy to display. Anyway my goal for this build will be to get as close T3 as my skills can go, should be terribly irritating, but I'm slightly motivated.

Mostly been printing out files and drawing the exact patterns I need to get it accurate. So I am starting with the boots first, I'll post some pics later today.
Alright here is the beginning of this I suppose, here is the left "toe" piece drawing my scoring line on it now, it's too cold for contact cement, so I will try tomorrow to get the right side done, but people don't usually read this stuff so here are some pics!
Meant to mention pic heavy, I'll get better at that. Anyway, later ladies and gentlemen.
I have two "toe" bits finished and filled the seams with some kwik seal, I'll score the details later today, but here is the progress!
So I have roughly six more templates to put my nice little details, which is not much really, I'll post more progress later today.
And here is some more pics of the rear armor strap thing.
The tape is there to hold the shape until I shoe goo it, also just really love the smell of shoe goo, I have tried E6000 but it's just too flimsy, anyway I'll attaching the front armor armor today as well, later.
And finished the boots, well kinda. I am going to incorporate ( big word, I know) kind of a elevate "sole footbed" ramp thing for my shoes, then cut some rubber mats to turn it into a legitimate ( another big word making my posts fancy) boot. Anyway here are some pics!
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