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Has anyone (in Texas) noticed the decline of decent local bands? Most are selling out for this emo stuff and alot of talent is being wasted. I was just wondering if any other Texans that are active in their music scene (and armor scene lulz) have noticed this. There has especially been a decline in good metal bands, which makes me sad.
Fair to Midland is a great Texas band, from Sulphur Springs. I used to play Halo with the base player Cliff, he taught me the infinite ammo trick back when playing BG CTF was still cool... that was back in 2002-2003... but they are making it big now... not really Emo, just a bit out there yes... still they are a great band... if you ever get a chance to see them perform you should check them out.
i know, ive heard of them. my friend roy used to talk to one of them. they are pretty good.

i used to be really active in the ft worth music scene, but since all the good local bands went off to college and got jobs and stuff, we've been left with crap. except for Forever Midnight Sun. Gosh darn they play a good live show...

btw spase where are you from (in texas)?
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