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thanks for the quick replies. iv started about 10 pm to 4am. all most done have to fix the back and as for my helmet i fiber glass it got to do a second coat the spackel it the blue vents on the side is from a kids toy that you can get for a 1.05 ill put the pic were i got it from and if you need more things to make out of go to k mart they have a lot of **** you can use. so stay tune more pic on the way
one more thing i frist started with the cut out with the pc programe but it was about 95 to 106 pages of cut outs so i said f**k this **** so looking at the pic form ign halo3 saw the R.L. and try to make the best i can the tubes on the r.l are just there until i get real piping so i can make it in to a potato gun or nerf very easy on that part but if anybody wants how on it ill post a quick tutoral on so later and thanks again
sorry for the spelling got to go to work
Dude a RL potatoe gun? That would be awesome! Seems pretty simple now actually!

Just make the general shape, then have PVC piping for the barrels with long wired sparkers and have them both on the handle! OWNAGE MAN!
yes i know

so i saw that vid and he has only one tube working mind will use both tube hopefully thanks for the vid anyway
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