The best armor makers

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Bad Blood said:
i swear sid's eyes scare me lol
they look like if he stared at you
your head would like explode

I have seen contacts like that for sale... They are expensive $150 i think and they tear easily LOL. The company sells lots of different versions, Cats eyes... Orange, Black, Patterns like spirals .... and glow in the dark!

You should be able to find them if you do a bit of searching.

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very awesome idea, although yeah not nesecarilly the best actors, but during the dragon con when he said "**** yeah"... sounded exactly like in GoW... very impressive stuff NAS
The armor is perfect but the video... I mean from a film maker perspective... the film needs some help to be totally kick a$$. For just making a video to show off the armor it was great but from a film short story type view BADDD..... The lighting was ok but could have been way more professional. The acting could be better, though it was ok. But they REALLY need better audio. I think they were using the built in mic. That's a no no.

Besides that he needs to lose the contacts. I mean expensive contacts are cool and all but it took away from the video. I spent more time thinking about how fake and off they looked for this video that I missed what they were saying.
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