The Complete Respirator and Safety Guide

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    I had the same type question, after the resin and fiberglass has set, do you have to sand or use baby power or is it not toxic to keep next to your face?
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    Now here's something I'm not sure has been explored. Rather than hassle with chemical solvents and fiberglass sheets, why not use waterproof spray shellac, then coat it with acrylic modeling paste? Modeling paste comes in a variety of final textures (pliable, rigid, etc) depending on your needs and is sandable and nontoxic.

    If nobody could see why this wouldn't work, I'm going to try it on my brute spiker model I am currently working on.

    And it's fairly cheap as well.
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    I know this is a bit of a necro post to be adding to but I feel like there are noobs who aren't familiar with paints and aggregates (such as sanding dust, fiberglass dust, or airborne aerosols).

    For those of you with little or no knowledge on the subject, you should be looking to purchase the following type of mask:
    like this here
    or anything similar to it. I've had it for a couple of years and never had issues with it.

    If you are looking for the correct filters, you will want to buy the black-labelled "Organic Vapor" filters and retainer ring for the pre-filter. all of this together be useful for sanding fiberglass and resin.

    All of those tens listed above come out to $42.88 without shipping. It is likely that you could find packages online or in hardware stores for a bit cheaper. You shouldn't be putting a price on your lungs anyway. Lets continue.

    -Silicon mask forms better to your skin, and while a bit heavy, will last if you take care of it.
    -When you get your mask make sure your face fits properly in it. If it doesn't search around or ask around for one that may fit your face better.
    -If you have facial hair, guys, you might want to shave it or at least trim it down. Otherwise you aren't getting a proper seal and may be letting particulates or dust into your lungs, negating the usefulness of the mask.
    -Girls, if you have long hair keep it back and out of the way. Probably want to wear a beanie or hat to keep the paint or dust out of your hair.
    -DO NOT USE DUST MASKS TO PAINT, RESIN, OR SAND FIBERGLASS. I will gladly reiterate this again.
    -DO NOT USE DUST MASKS TO PAINT, RESIN, OR SAND FIBERGLASS. Dust masks do not have the ability to properly filter out the particulates in the air.

    According to DuPont, the pioneer in chemicals, fiberglass dust is "Smaller fibers, generally less than 3.5 microns in length, can be inhaled and deposited in the lung where they can accumulate and cause fibrotic changes, while larger fibers cause skin irritation due to mechanical action. It is both the inhalation and dermal hazards that give fiberglass a greater hazard potential than nuisance dust and require appropriate protective equipment to minimize exposure.". In other words, really really bad for your lungs and skin, especially over time. Paint inhalation hazards are due to the solvents in the paint, and the actual pigment or "paint". Both can cause complications, possibly cancer later in life.

    I know this is a wall of text, but you need to read it to keep yourself safe. I know it seems overly-dramatic, but coming from a son of a former ship-builder/welder and boat-builder who now has mesotheloma, there is no point taking up this hobby to die a very painful death from it.

    Heres another source:

    If you have any questions relating to filters/Respirators AFTER reading all of this, just PM me.
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    Great thread, thanks for all the information!

    I am europian myself, so if I were to buy a A2+P3 combination I will be fine for putting on resin and sanding it?

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    does anyone know the heath concerns for using a hot knife with foam builds?
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    Wow I guess I should just use an SCBA or SAR lol.

    So organic vapor filters will work on all right? Their just not recommended for filtering out dust because it makes it clog faster?
    So to have a proper setup you would need both vapor and dust filters?
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    Thank you! Gives me an idea of what to work with!
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    See, I have a question. I need to find a different way to "harden" my helmet, due to the toxic chemical fumes that I can't use.:( Any who, I have no idea where to post alternate methods of make a helmet stable, so to speak. plz help!
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    I have a question and I dont know if its been asked yet. The smell of the chemicals I use seeps through my house from outside that can potentially harm people in my house or my dog. How do I prevent that from happening?

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    Thanks for the help

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