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The First Piece.

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Rooster, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Rooster

    Rooster New Member

    When you start a new suit, what piece does everybody prefer to start with? I find that I tend to gravitate to the helmet first, as its arguably the most labor intensive piece, but scaling it is more difficult without the other pieces to compare to.
  2. PaiganBoi


    Since I am new to armour building, I started from the ground up. With my ODST suit I started with the shins. Build the stuff that is simple to get accustomed to the medium. Helmet will be the last thing I build.
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  3. Hibson


    I started with my base torso for my ODST first. It helps me feel accomplished since it's big ;)
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  4. electricknite


    I went shins, knees, shoes, thighs, belt, arms, torso and helmet. Basically easiest/ least visible stuff to hardest and most visible.
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  5. Dirtdives


    Well.......everything said so far is perfectly logical......and contradictory. There is no one "Best Way" to build a suit. It is however it suits your need and your exp level. Go from head to toe or toe to head or any which way you feel........jump all over the place. Bottom line, just build as you see fit. Thinking which way is the best way is only going to get in the way. Just do. Enjoy. go and build.
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  6. Terric


    Hi im. new to the group. Been cosplaying for 2 years. Working on odst. I started shoulders first.
  7. KnavishPlum

    KnavishPlum New Member

    I haven't started yet, but I am actually going to start with the undersuit for the my Reach spartan. I am super skinny so I need to put padding for my arms before building armor around it.
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  8. HeroMinerR5


    Do the part that have the less piece to build and work to the big one next after the small one
  9. Kat

    Kat Jr Member

    I want to do a Kat cosplay, but I'm worried that with my fluctuating weight will be a problem.
  10. Dirtdives


    Kat, I'm sorry to be brutally honest, you can't use that as an excuse. I won't let you. I don't want to sound callus or cruel, but you will find a way despite any difficulties be they physical, emotional or psychological (we're all a bit crazy here) even if I have to make a trip out there to help you get started........Don't let something like a physical attribute stand in the way of something you want to do. Own it. Don't let it own you. There are a ton of people here that will help as well. Just ask. Looking forward to seeing a Kat suit out of you.....
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  11. Terric


    I started with head. Then shoulder. And now chest. Here wht i got done so far. 20170808_224922.jpg
  12. Dirtdives


    That is good work...keep it up and post more pics!!!

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