The person behind the armor


Well this is just incase you want to know more then the about me page lets you post.
My name is mike, but I like to be called TAB.I use to go by the code name K-echma.But many people said it wrong and it was annoying,Also it was really long for a code name.Yes I said code name not nick name.Any way I live on my own not with any family. Just like every one else I rent a room lol XD. Anyway I go to school. Also work at the best place to eat. DellTaco lol XD. I love working there.It's easy and fun, theres never a dull moment working in that place.I cosplay alot. If im not in my cosplay im working on one.What I want to become is a full time concept artist/armor prop builder.So I've come to the best class in the world, the 405'TH! What better way to find out how make prop's but from your pers.I also want to make new friends.With that said feel free to drop me a line here or on msn.I dont know if theres anything else to say about me really.......
If you want to get any more personal just message me lol.
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