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:evil: why always me God why?!?
well today was just like no other when i was playing halo 2 and it happened :bye2: my 3.....60....... broke down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! why why why! now i gotta go to best buy and see if i can return it for a new one... no i dont have insuerence for the damn thing well R.I.P 7-18-07
Just send it into the factory. They're fixing them with a 3 year warranty from date of purchase... or so I was told
It happened to me too.

Look at it this way, when they replace it they'll probably give you a new one... with the better heat sinks that won't crap out on you again.

Better get a move on, Halo 3 is coming fast!

BTW when you get your RMA from Microsoft, they send you a box to send your 360 in... so don't pack it yourself, the box will be there in 3-4 days.
Yep. I had to send mine in for hardware difficulties. Not the Red ring, but they'll probably fix me against that too. Still waiting on my console back, though... Hope it gets here before the 28th
3 red flashing lights of doom

lol thats funny, maybe they got the idea from watching armagedon "this is how we fix things in the russian space station!!" hehe
Jordan Roajs said:
yes its that death ring im going to best buy to get another one ;-)

I had the same problem, send into Microsoft and they will fix it for free and send you 2 games made by them in apology for the inconvenience. Well thats what they did for me at least :/
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