They Changed the hand armor on me again

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i feel ya brother....when they change the AR i was like crap gotta do it over again


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Well I see they finnaly got around to actually changing the fp arms model in Halo 3. If anyone knoticed that in some orignal shots that were in fp were actually the Halo 2 fp hands and not the Halo 3 ones. They acted a place holder pretty much. Glad to see it changed.

also if you are having trouble viewing the picture, when I first cliked it, it showed that it was forbidden. So I cut the link into . When that loaded I went to the 003 picture that adam linked us too and it worked.

Haven't seen those pictures yet so thanks for the link.



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as far as the change in the armor goes im sorry...on a happier note i love that one dudes name in the pic " azn PMS" :mrgreen: awsome
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