Tips for Highschool? (I needs advice)

Road Kill

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yeah pretty much what everyone has said just do the homework as soon as you get home, then xbox but if you do your homework in the same room with the the xbox, tan that isn't going to help you, or you can have your parents hide it from you till you do homework then maybe get it checked
im only allowed to play on weekends =( it's hard and i miss my xbox right now xD (seriously)
listening to what you are saying about highschool is making me even more nervous, i am only in 8th grade


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Just put the Xbox down and do it. Your parents will get off your back, your teacher will get off your back, you don't have to worry about being on punishment or whatever. It can't take much more than a couple hours. It's part of growing up- learning to budget your time. As you get older, you get more freedom- including the freedom to make mistakes.

Holy crap, I sound like *my* folks did right now. :eek

I mean, if you don't, your parents might take the Xbox away- then where will you be?

And some logic: If you're bringing home A's and B's you could pretty much do what you wanted in your free time, right? Stay up/out late, whatever. That's gonna pay off in a couple years when you're taking girls out in your parent's car ;)


get a girlfriend that forces you to do homework! haha. Anyways People are right about the just do the work because Highschool is actually pretty easy when you pay enough attention in class and just do what's required of you in class and the homework. I went through high school pretty easily and got myself in a University and like the saying of the 405th if we can do it so can you! Granted the equivalent to reach in my Highschool time was Grand Theft Auto on the ps2 I still budgeted enough time to get my homework done and the homework goes by A LOT quicker if you are attentive in class because homework is mostly review for that days lesson.
Here are a couple things you can do, and just FYI I'm a senior.

One of two things that I can advice is to stay after school and not go home until your work is done.
The second idea (this is good if you hate being at school like myself) is to give the game to your parents/legal guardians and tell them "don't give it back until I'm done." that's what I do when I can't do my work.