Today was hell.

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I spent 10 Hours going from Medical Treatment Center to another, I was given a bunch of shots and other junk. It was so lame.
Well if you want to be alright from your bite you might as well do what they say, can't put a price on health.
ouch, my brother got bit by 1 of those out in washington wen he was doin sum construction on his house,,, oouuch

I found a brown recluse in the sump pump in my my basement. I drenched it with bug killer. :gun2:

I've also found black widows in my yard multiple times.
my basement has brown recluses in it. the sad part it, that i live in the basement :death: . lol they dont mess with me though
Spartan 110 said:
:shock: interestin damien, did you sign some kind of treaty with them? like shino in naruto?
just messing

Lmfao at the Shino Reference.
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