Transporting armor on Planes


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i was wondering what would be the best way to get armor through the airports with little to no damage to it. im planning to fly from Sc to Tx in august and wanta bring my tucker armor im currently building but wanta know anything that i might run into trouble wise while shipping it all. any info for transporting armor for travel would be appriciated. im sure i would have to check it for because of the size but would it get flagged when its scanned or anything of the such.


foxleader this doesnt help the OP. please only reply if you're going to aid the thread.
zander013 I found that there are heavy duty containers in Walmart that may help, i plan using these to travel from NC to Orlando, FL.

I've also heard those hardshell suitcases are extremely useful.

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i use a nice hard case for transporting my gear (from walmart). it has nice locking on it and wheels. The only problem with the ones we have at walmart. (We do have some roughneck totes that might work though)
If your anywhere near my size your chest piece will not fit. From watching Heroes of cosplay they sometimes just mail there costumes via parcel service or post off to the hotel you will be staying at. but things sometimes do happen so if you choose that method pack extra material for quick hotel room repairs


If you're still in the build process and know you're going to be travelling with it, try building it specifically to come apart and fit together nicely into a standard size checked case, maybe with room around it for clothing for padding. Everything else got a 1-3 day trip can probably slip into carry-on.


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well you could find a member near the location of the event and mail them the suit hold on to until you get their because the guys from the Utah project did that for some of their stuff.