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The new "Trinity" mechinema produced by praetoriaguard is a bust in my opinion, it doesn't flow like rvb at all, there are awkward silences and the audio has been cut poorly. There are some cool mods applied to the series, but other than that... it feels... idk... clunky.

i agree, but i wont compare it to rvb at all.. its different.. its supposed to be somewhat serious i thought.

but yeah the voice acting, seems very cheesy in parts. i wasnt all too impressed.

but i did get season 5 of rvb the other day and watched it twice already
i relize the differences, but all im saying is that voice acting in rvb is a lot smoother than this.
I agree. I waited and waited and waited to download it to see it, then once I did I just sat here confused.

Just didn't seem to deserve all the hype that it got (coughbungie.netcough)
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