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I have seen different ways people tried to get the raised area of master chiefs visor to lok good (ex.double layer visor method, i dont mean to say these look bad im just looking for a more affordable way to do it). I recently had an idea what if the shape was engraved into the visor itself? Maybe with a dremel tool, however it may ruin the gold color on the visor so im not sure it will work. Tell me what you guys think and i might try it myself even if i ruin my visor in the process.
iamyourcousin228 said:
Look in the classifeids. They have a sticker thing for sale. Looks pretty good.
oh wow those look good and its probably way easier than engraving i might get those thanks :)
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It might be kind of hard to engrave the visor considering how thin they are. Stickers would probably be cheapest choice.
A visor would be easy to engrave if you have experiance with a dremel, only thing I can see would it wouldnt coem out that nice since you cant cand it smooth since the gap is soo small, so it woudnt look perfectly straight in some areas.
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