Want to be in an MLG team for Halo 3?

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Our MLG team Urg3d Regr3t is looking for 2 members. One player and one Manager.

- Does Not play in matches
- Manages our matches
- Runs our finances
- Finds sponsors
- Gets Custom T-Shirt with "Manager" on back
- Very Important Position for responsible people only!

- Participates in matches
- Will be a primary member
- Gets Custom T-Shirt with gamertag on back of shirt
- Must be good at Halo 3
- Preferably rank of Lieutenant or higher
- Will be interviewed for position

Please Contact me via:
MSN: MetalGearSolid430@hotmail.com (this is also my email)
.. PUN1SH3R438
Gamer Tag: PUN1SH3R438

P.S. The player has to be in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Deleware area. Otherwise unless you want to take a plan here >.>
MrSniper19 said:
i live in connecticut... and im interested in joining... my tag is ODST fuzzyGLOCK
Ok, Distance wont matter now, but it will in April 2008 when MLG season starts back up. But, what part of Connecticut?
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