War Hammer 40k sculpture

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haha yay 9 or 10 hours and this is donee...but it broke in the oven.. :[ so pissed 1 arm fell off. :evil:






Dude! :shock:

That's amazing. I congratulate you on your skills. You should make more stuff man!

How much time did that take you? ;-)
Edit: I see. 9 hours isn't bad at all!
Good job!
thanx man :] yea kinda bummed thou cuhz one of his arms broke off in the last stage of firing :evil: it was actually more around 7 hours i suppose but..o wellz. thanx agian fr your kind words
Always man! I'd love to get together with you and we could make some armor together. You have some great sculpts! I could use them if you wanted to make this stuff in a larger scale :mrgreen:
Well, that's why you'd do it with me. I have the tools and whatnot to get it started! ;-)

Go to the showroom and look at the 2nd page and look at my posts.

All those costumes were made by me, they all are my own sculpts and moulds.

Just to give you an idea of my work.

Love your work man!
dude that freakin awesome i remember when i was into Warhamme 40k, Man i was addicted to it. Your sculpture has great detail.
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