warning - attempting to strengthen with "great stuff&qu

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do not use "great stuff wide gap filler" in large amounts when trying to support armor :duh:

only use in strings or lines spaced 1/2 in apart from eachother

the newer cans have a diferent chemical that causes them to expand to almost 3x original size instead of 2x
after 24 hrs the reaction completes itsself and starts to contract

overuse can make your piece puff up and pop several seams and then crush in a miniature emplosion (exaggerated by anger) :evil:
unless you want your suit to look like you have a mouth full of lemmon warheads take heed
yesterday morning 10:45 - looked fine


testerday night 8:36 - foam in starting to cure expanded state


this morning 11:27 - expansion seemed permanet , begin fiberglass


earlier tonight 10:27 - shock and horror finding the unfiberglassed half has collapsed


Umm why not just fiberglass or bondo the inside and then use great stuff for padding/gap filler? It's a lot less pain that way. Just resin the outside.

Well that's just my 2 cents.
sigma: my options were $10 for a tub of bondo or $4 for great stuff
i think we all know what i chose

sean: i know the resin eats great stuff but the funny part was that the collapse took place on the opposite side of the fiber glass

and icetray: i used cardstock thats kinda the point of pep armor
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