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I couldn't find a thread for this, so my apologies if one already exists.

I finally picked up two of the 4" scale figures from the Wicked Cool Toys "World of Halo" line. Both from the first wave, which is still mostly what stores around me have. I got Master Chief and the Mark VII.

For their size and price, they're actually pretty well detailed and articulated. The plastic the figures and stands are made of is nice. My inky complaint is how rubbery their weapons are.

Sorry some of the pictures are a bit blurry. I'm still attempting to get used to the camera in my phone.

Also, only older Hali figure I had easily available for comparison was the McFarlane Toys Combat Evolved Master Chief. I couldn't help but make a meme with them, lol.

For anyone on the fence about the figures, I would definitely recommend them. They're not perfect, and did scale with any other Halo figures, but I think for the price they're worth it.

That said, I did actually get Chief for cheaper than MSRP as my Walmart was still selling him for the reduced $7 price, even though they weren't displaying that price on the pegs anymore.


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