were can i get shot putty????

Lt Gallagher

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gosh danget!!!!!!!!!
im from a small town there is a true value and its the only hardware in my town and i have every thing for the lights exept THE LEDs and THE 9V CONNECTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:


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i was wondering about shot putty - i was thinking you were thinking shop putty - aka bondo

Lt Gallagher

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oh thanks
i a noobie to this stuff cuzz my last costume was made from card board and duck tape

is there a brand of shop putty im confused? :oops:


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Yeah , most people call it bondo *a brand of auto putty* , usually you can find it in the auto department.

Check out walmart , or maybe even a local garage...you never know , someone in your town has to have it...well..I'd imagine so.