Weta odst [wip]


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I originally posted this in the pep and card board forum but that wasn't the right place I'm guessing. My bad xD. Well anyways, here's the original thread and I'll update it as I finish my helmet and other pieces.

So I've actually started this project last year but I put it off because off school work and Modern Warfare 2. Well so far, this is the primed helmet. I used AoB_Frost's hot glue method mainly because I went really cheap on this helmet and this is my first one too so I wanted to be on the safe side. I'm not gonna bondo it either because of the economy right now :(. I want to hear you're guys' thoughts on it! Give me some feedback please and thanks :).


Okay so I finished painting it and weathering it. I need a visor now lol.



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Loks good. I was going to do hot glue but i have to many warped pices. So I went to resin.


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uhh I would say like 20 hours pepping because i went real slow this time around and got bored of pepping so I started to goof off lol. I spent the course of 3 days painting it