what i made in 1 hour


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Good thought, but yeah you need to take your time on this stuff. Its not a race. You can do it so much better i have faith.


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Or, just a thought. If tape is really all you have. Take your time with it. Tape whatever you need to flat instead of just real quick like. If your tape is flat and not scrunched up it would probably look about 50 times better, even for using tape.


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i know that but iz it supposed tobe a replica or did u just add a handle.
next time u should try epoxy putty. that stuff is great. and it is not dangerous.


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alright calm the hell down i was making suggestion.
you need to not take evrything so seriously. if you cant handle feedback or criticsm(i think) then dont post anything cause then you complain and i think there are few more people that can agree.

Sean Bradley

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Everybody chill please, and stop making insensitive and rude comments.

This is what gets threads locked.