which is better for fibre glass

which is the best for fiberglassing armour

  • fiberglass cloth

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  • fibre glass mat

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Fiberglass cloth is a lot cheaper for how much you get, it's a lot more bendable than cloth is, but on the downside mat is way more messy than cloth. But its livable.
You can buy more mat than cloth for the same price. And mat is messier because it comes up and you can get these "hair balls" of fibers, aka a fiber ball. But mat is a lot more flexible and better for getting in those nooks and crannies on the inside of pep helms.
I like cloth. I can cut it to size and glue the edges in place more easily and end up with a smoother final product.
where do you guys get your stuff at...when i buy mine its the same cost, i use both,but mat is meant to be sanded it doesnt leave no pattern behind and cloth does you should always layer the mat down as your beauti coat 1st then back that with the cloth
Well for my helm it seemed strong enough with just one layer. I used one coat of resin on outside, then glassed inside, then one last coat of resin on inside.
It was a pretty thick layer of resin. But take into account I also did a layer of bondo around the rim of where you put your head in and in the brim of hat part of the helm.
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