Will 405 ever see a mobile app?

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The sites been around long enough. And with loads of users spending all their money on supplies, some of us are left without a computer. And the mobile site is missing a handful of features


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I haven't spent a lot of time perusing here from a mobile device, but can you clarify as to what things you've noticed from a computer that are missing on mobile?


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I never had any problems accessing 405th on my phone... and the new forum works a lot better and faster.
And I never used that app Tapatalk or what was it called, it isn't available for Windowsphones.
I check 405th on normal web browser on my WinPhone.
Old forum was bit slower for me and especially the new forum is fast, isn't missing anything.
What issues do you have?

- Palmer


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The old forum did have an app - Tapatalk. The new forum no longer requires a separate app to run properly on mobile devices. Please tell us a little more about what you're trying to do and what device you're using, Noodle109.


I never have an issue on mobile but serenko3 sometimes does, and we basically have the same phone except mine's a (Note) Edge and his is not...who knows?
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