Will Bondo eat a EVA foam helmet sealed with PVA/Wood Glue?


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I need to do some filling and modification to my ODST-inspired non-halo helmet. I was hoping to fully cover wood glue-treated EVA foam with Bondo so I can make a cast of it to finally build the helmet out of Carbon Fiber.
I know that Bondo heats up while it does it's magic, will it warp or mess my helmet up if it's got two coats of wood glue already? Will the chemicals eat it? Thanks in advance, Santiago Amavisca


Bondo is to brittle for a cast, your better of using silicone for that, however im not sure how eva foam, with wood glue or not would react to silicone it may work but it may not.

I would build the helmet using pepakura, resin and bondo, mold that, then make casts of that helmet.


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Bondo won't eat into EVA, but with how brittle it is, it will crack with stress put on the foam. It is also nearly impossible to sand cleanly due to the foam flexing beneath it. As Chiefwannabe stated, Eva foam models are not great for making a cast. Pepakura or 3d printing is the best way to make a clean plug for a mold. Vacuum bagging is also important to get a clean look from your carbon fiber.


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I also do not recommend mixing foam with bondo. It's too brittle and will crack, because foam is flexible and constantly moving.
Bondo works on resin, because it's hard as rock, meaning there is no flexing at all.

Use rather caulk.